Quinn Bancroft Red Fox
Photos and text provided by lecanotrouge
Quinn Bancroft Fox revels in the hunt, but prefers to capture her subjects on film. Perfect for her work as a Cultural Anthropologist. Her Brownie Hawkeye camera, complete with giant flash, is a trusted and trustworthy companion. Photographing all that she sees, she jots corresponding notes on her maps and fleshes out her thoughts further when she returns to her den.

Through her work, an interesting side project has developed: collecting vintage regional cookbooks, the ones showcasing the long-enjoyed comfort foods that Mamma would make. Not necessarily because the recipes will induce a full-on tryptophan coma, but because of the era in which they were created. Quinn loves digging through history for the stories and traditions of local communities often lost as towns become more homogenous. Reading between the lines gives great insight; she feels like a detective, teasing out little clues about the economy, the environment, focus on health, and the cultural makeup of a town. She is surely the only one that uses her cookbooks for anything but cooking.