Pearl Papineau Saw Whet Owl
Photos and text provided by lecanotrouge
Pearl Papineau is an unusual owl; she doesn't require the security of lush evergreen boughs. Rather, she perches on the highest branch of the tallest tree in all of Algonquin Park. Not that the air is any fresher, nor because the tree limbs are more comfortable, it's simply because of the panorama. Pearl is entranced by the spectacular 360 degree view of the inky-blue sky, liberally peppered with stars. And, of course, the moon: the big, glowy ball that affects every single thing with every wax and wane.

Almost obsessively, Pearl tracks the movements of the constellations; the passing of the comets; and the course of the moon. Really, it is by way of Pearl's almanacs that the schedule of the community is wrought, from planting to harvesting to hibernation. It pleases Pearl that her work is this helpful, but even if it wasn't worth a wit, she'd still be found, night after night, sitting at the tippity top of her tree, watching the sky go by.