Orange Excavator Pop-up Card
Photos and text provided by Liif Pop Up Card

The cover features a bold laser-cut illustration of an excavator bending low, ready to pick up its next load. The inside reveals a burst of color and showcases a bright orange excavator pop-up, standing in all its fine glory.

Excavators are known for their breakout force, tough frames, rock solid stability and maximum horsepower. It’s not a machine for the ordinary. The card exudes creative skill and precise engineering in all its intricate detailing.

Occasions for the Orange Excavator 3D pop-up Card:

The Orange Excavator 3D pop-up card would be great to commemorate the start or completion of a construction project. It will make a perfect birthday card for an architect or civil engineer and will certainly be remembered! Or if your sibling or child loves heavy machinery or tools, then look no further! This is definitely the card for them.

Size: The excavator card is 7.9 in. x 5.9 in. ( 200 mm x 150 mm )

Contents: One card with corresponding envelope