Ford Buckminster Beaver
Photos and text provided by lecanotrouge
Ford Buckminster loves a problem. How to make something; how to make something better - typically in his workshop, and typically a boat. Each is a stunning study in physics, environmentalism, and craftsmanship. Cedar strips, in particular, put a spring in Ford's step; he is completely mesmerized by their intrinsic beauty. But whatever timber is used, every boat is self-powered, be it canoe; kayak; or rowboat. Each is elegantly constructed using only sustainably harvested wood; locally grown to reduce ecological drayage. Because, really, his work was about moving people. In fact, Ford is so passionate about sustainability that he created and sits on the board of the Flora Foundation in support of a healthy woodland.

When not in his workshop, Ford can be found relaxing in his Muskoka chair reading his favourites - Fuller, Thoreau, and Bohm (especially the dialogues with Krishnamurti). And when the reading is done, he enjoys a paddle in the creek. Not in one of his immaculate boats but, rather, in its rescue ring. Ahhh, ain't that the life!