Fairy Tale - Pastel Green Grande Cornucopia 32"
Photos and text provided by TOPS Malibu
This magical 32" Grande Cornucopia holds 15-20 fun surprises!

A majestic and memorable gift for adults and children of all ages, brimming with surprise and special treasures.

15-20 prizes inside vary and may include: Crown, Confetti Popper, Surprize Ball, Ice Light, Good Fortune Candle, Kazoo, Wish Capsule, 1940's inspired Party Horn, Deluxe Paper Umbrella, Capsule Necklace, Magnet, Vintage-style Toy, Retro Sweet, Fortune, Quote, Gemstone, Fun Jewelry, Coin, Ball on Paddle Game, Sparkler, Fancy Party Ball with Gold Pea Shooter, Celebrate Your Birthday Week, Match Book, Game, Celebrate, Special, Heart, Tag & more!

32" Surprize Cornucopia are sold individually.

Handmade by artisans in the USA.

Warning: Children over 3 years, small parts.