Deluxe Crystal Ball Surprize Ball 4"
Photos and text provided by TOPS Malibu
A Surprize Ball reminiscent of a real crystal ball. Mounted on a stand with sparkly mirror & silver stars, packaged in cello & tied with a bow.

Our Deluxe Crystal Ball Surprize Ball is perfect for adults & kids. Simply unwind layers of colorful crepe paper ribbons to reveal precious vintage-inspired keepsakes tucked carefully within a beautifully handmade original Surprise Ball.
Contains 12 prizes. Surprises inside vary by style & may include: a Good Fortune, meteorite or gemstone, crown, fortune capsule, fortune fish, quote, etched charm, sweets, games, crystal ball, star necklace & more. Deluxe Surprize Balls are sold individually.

Surprize Balls are handmade by artisans in Oregon. Contains small objects.