Caspari Solid Gold Crackers - 6pk
Photos and text provided by Caspari
London based pastry maker, Tom Smith, invented the celebration cracker after a trip to France where he was inspired by their bonbon treats. When he returned to London he tried selling the paper wrapped sugared almonds himself with little success. That is until inspiration struck one night as he sat listening to the snaps and pops of his fireplace. What if he could make the treats crackle like the fire when opened? Little did he know that this thought would be the beginning of a timeless Christmas tradition. Crackers evolved from treats to notes, and finally to the trinket-filled, paper wrapped, popping cardboard tubes we know today. Crackers are not only a perfect addition to your holiday celebrations but your everyday parties and special occasions as well.
Set includes: six crackers
Perfect for accenting a place setting or stuffing a stocking, each cracker includes a high-quality trinket, a foil crown and a joke
Dimensions each: 12"